Who is Monica Bassi?

From humble beginnings in a small town in Canada to your television screen, Monica Bassi is a woman blind to obstacles. A modern-day renaissance woman, she has held management positions at large banks, ran her own company, built a real estate portfolio, and currently produces her own TV series. Through perseverance and the confidence to dream, Monica continues to trek unchartered territory as a means to explore her own abilities. She works to share her secret so that everyone can transcend their limitations and begin their evolution towards their highest potential.

Your Dreams Are Closer Than You Think.

There is nobody on this planet who deserves to have it all more than you.  What if you were able to transform your ideas, develop confidence, and be given a roadmap that leads you towards your goals?  After all, you are experiencing life to understand yourself through the pursuit of your wildest dreams.  We cannot control the cards we are dealt, but we can learn to play them well.  Allow me demonstrate how you can use your current reality to achieve your dreams.  They are closer than you think.

Work Life


Qualified Speaker

The following are just a few topics I am qualified to speak on


Strategies for Reaching Higher and Achieving Goals

Balance in Work/Life

Finding Purpose Through Work

Women in the Workplace

Health Wellness

Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food

Plant-based Nutrition



Looking for an inspirational speaker to motivate, empower, and transform your audience?

Monica is available for opening and closing keynotes, corporate, banquets, weddings, and women's empowerment events.

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