Progress and Human Consciousness

I grew up before we had the internet.  I recall being a Freshman in University when I first learned about the world wide web.  It was fascinating, and completely out of control.  Web sites were ill-designed and obnoxious while IRC chat rooms unleashed the keyboard warrior in many a introvert.  It was indeed a very interesting time.  I would equate it to walking into a candy store with more candy than you could ever conceive and not knowing where to start.  As we began to get our bearings with how to utilize the internet the technology jolted ahead at full speed.  I remember writing papers in college about various technologies that were obsolete within a few short years.  Social media platforms like Friendster and Facebook refined the interface and processes of IRC, including the ability to add pictures.  This resulted in us being more connected as a planet than we had ever been before.

Playing Catch Up

Although technology has advanced it still feels like we are struggling to understand how to use it.  Now that we can access the internet on our mobile phones there is really no getting away from the abundance in the web.  Every day I learn about a startup company designing a new app that is meant to make our lives easier and more convenient in some way.  Laziness is the fuel for these innovative designs!  The world wants so much more without having to work hard for it.  Is this a blessing or a curse?  Are we headed towards a society that is completely dependent upon technology to function?

Tribal Times

It was only 400 years ago that humans who inhabited this great country were deeply connected to nature and in tune with its song.  Communities thrived as the expansion of human consciousness was revered.  The tribal warriors of that time relied on their potential.  They cultivated what was needed for themselves and their tribe from within and lived a life of awareness and glory.  The men of those days protected their women and made every effort to provide for them.  Nowadays I see men getting pedicures and speaking about women as though they are objects.  I am not placing blame on men for this transformation, as it works both ways.  I am simply pointing out the dramatic change on every level that can take place in the matter of a few centuries.  The rate at which we are advancing now can either mean that we will be completely void of intelligence, honor, and emotion in the next 400 years, or else we will implode.

Beginning of the End

I had a breakfast meeting yesterday with a man who runs a very successful Project Management consulting firm.  We found ourselves spending around ten minutes talking about President Trump because it is just simply hard not to.  His take on the condition of the world today is that we are reaching our lowest point.  He said we are reaching ‘Kali Yuga’.  This is the last of four stages the world goes through, according to the Vedas.  Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually during the Kali Yuga.  It was an interesting point, and not an uncommon one.  I continue to hear from people that it has to get worse before it can get better.  Perhaps our technological advancements are a diversion.  Perhaps if we run fast enough ahead we will miss the finer details of the Kali Yuga phase.

Human consciousness is evolving for some but the mighty dollar is still God for many.  While 50 million lonely people are swiping their lives away on Tinder there is a demise in progress.  Technology and the internet have become a knock-off pair of rose-colored glasses and we can’t help but keep them strapped on.  What is the alternative?  Something to think about.